Carpel Tunnel/Ribs/ Phase 7

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Saturday, November 30, 2019 - 09:30 to Sunday, December 1, 2019 - 05:00
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Pacific Time
Halfmoon Bay
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Sat Nov30/19


Ribs  and Carpal Tunnel

In this class we will work with the ribs individually,in groups and a whole side and both sides together keeping in mind the vital organs that the ribs are in charge of protecting.

They not only help a person to breathe easier when in position, but also provide the space for the major organs to work more efficiently.

In the ribs and around the spine and sternum where they are attached also very significant on many levels but also house many neuro-lymphatic reflexesand affect the movement in digestion as well. 

There is more...... Way More, exciting class because of all the things that are dependent on the ribs being free to do their job.


Dec 1/19


Phase 7


This class can arguably be called the Foundation as easily as Phase 4 because it is the etheric aspect of our well being. Though is is invisible to most, it is felt when not lined up,when we are injured or ill.


Working with Phase 7 and incorporating the concept in all our work with OB informs the client as well as ourselves of the wholeness of our being.


Healing comes from there first as proven with Kirlian Photography. It is the first place we make contact with our clients, in the thought forms. Arthur developed Phase 7 from a dream.


It used to be taught by invitation only when he was still with us. At the time, it made some sense but now, it seems obvious that is is not problem teaching as there is much more awareness of nonverbal  and distance communication. Everyone does, it.


We dream, we think of someone and they call…and Arthur found that he could affect the structure by using the patterns he was taught in the dream.



************CLASS IS A FRAGRANCE FREE ZONE***********


Registration and More Info. 

Baeleay Callister  (604)885-5132 

Cost - $200.00 per day

           $400.00 for both days


Deposit upon registration, $50.00 non-refundable

Deposit can be E-transfed to Baeleay Callister; 


Balance due day of class.