Benefits of the Work

The outcome will be higher levels of wellness.

Through Ortho-Bionomy® the body is literally learning, so that the cumulative results tend to be long lasting. Although one or two sessions may relieve specific symptoms, for chronic problems several sessions over a longer period of time may be necessary to release the body's adaptive reactions, and re-educate it to more natural and healthier responses. The outcome will be higher levels of wellness and resiliency within the body. This light-touch work is a unique system of body re-education for pain relief and self-healing; it teaches people to be more at ease physically and energetically, and may also produce changes in their attitudes and emotions.

  • Stimulates the nervous system; changes can often be immediate and profound.
  • Reduces stress, tension and pain; restores vitality, energy and a feeling of well-being.
  • Relaxes the body so all the systems can function more freely; this supports and speeds healing.
  • Improves balance, posture and range of motion as your body becomes more mobile and flexible. 
  • Works well as a compliment to all other healing systems.