Gillian Thomas***

Kelowna, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 720-0450

Gilly has 40 years of training and work in physical and emotional professions. Her unique style offers both the intellectual understanding of why individual healing works and experiential learning to be aware of choice, at a viseral level. 

She had a successful private practise in Vancouver for 15 years, and has recently relocated to Kelowna, BC.  She sees individual clients and couples - either in person or virtually.

Gilly’s education is varied, the 1980’s were spent at the University of Calgary in Nursing, Education and Psychology. Leaving the traditional world of academia, she travelled to New York, and in 2000 was certified in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method. Since then, she has studied in Canada and the States: Cranio Sacral Upledger, Psycho Drama classes and most recently, Ortho-Bionomy. She has taught a number of workshops in North America ranging from: 

  • Tools for Healing Trauma 
  • Bodymind Golf 
  • Shadow Work 
  • evolution ergonomics 
  • Enrich Your Life

Most recently, Gilly developed the Somatic Affective Talk & Touch (SATT) training program to address the gap that exists when there is talk and no touch (mind) and when there is touch and no talk (body). This holistic approach is based on western medical science and eastern belief, through integration of alternative therapies. For more information visit:

As the first woman White Water raft guide in Canada (from 1980 – 2008), her experiences gave Gilly the foundation of guiding people to enjoy the calm waters and wild waves that are part of the river of life. In 2008, she co-founded: UR Building Knowledge, a not-for-profit that raises money to help build schools and medical clinics in Myanmar.

Curiosity and creativity have fuelled Gilly’s interest in learning and teaching about the enigma that is humanity. 40 years of working with people provide a solid foundation to understand the simple complexity of emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual and intellectual levels that interact to bring healing and comfort in life.