Leigh Cassidy

Quesnel, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 991-0143


Hello, I am Leigh and I practise Ortho-Bionomy most anywhere I am.  I live in Quesnel, BC and work out of 200-533 Reid Street, Thursday to Sunday. Please do call 250-991-0143 for an appointment as I am at times out on house or emergency calls.

I am very pleased with how Ortho-Bionomy has helped so many of my clients regain movement and comfort in their bodies when they had given up hope.  This modality is so encompassing in its ability to engage the client in their own learning and healing.

Being a Practitioner I am excited about continuing my education in this field is to better serve my clientele and further my personal understanding of how the body, mind, spirit and emotions combine in their goal to keep us choosing correctly along our path.

i am discovering taking care of myself is primary to my helping facilitate anyone else.

After loosing his lower left limb, my husband has prompted my working with the mind and discovering how incredibly we can heal. We address the changes he has gone through as Brain Mapping and he now has no pain, is climbing scaffolding, and back to work full-time after two years. He wears a prothesis well. I am thrilled I have learned how this modality helps so many. May we all not only keep moving in the direction of health and wellness, but attain freedom in acquiring comfort in our beings.  For all of the clients already having passed through our doors, thank you for our mutual discoveries.participating!